FAQ: Asda Pizza Counter Nutritional Information?

How many calories are in an Asda pizza?

There are 1468 calories in 1 pizza (600 g) of Asda 14″ Stonebaked Pizza.

How many calories are in a pepperoni pizza from Asda?

Energy: 242 calories

Protein 10.7g
Carbs 29.4g
Fat 9g

How many calories are in Asda American Sizzler pizza?

There are 192 calories in 1 slice (41 g) of Asda American Sizzler Pizza.

How many calories are in Asda flatbread pizza?

Energy: 670 calories

Protein 26g
Carbs 82.8g
Fat 23.7g

Do Asda cook your pizza?

Asda launches pizza delivery service, but there’s a catch. They will then send the order directly to the Asda store, where it will be cooked at their pizza stand and then delivered straight to your door.

How many calories are in a 10 inch Asda pizza?

There are 780 calories in 1 pizza (373 g) of Asda 10 Inch Thin.

What temperature do you cook Asda pizza?

Place pizza directly onto the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven at 200°C / 400°F /Fan 180°C /Gas Mark 6 with a tray on the shelf below for 10-12 minutes until the crust turns brown and the cheese begins to bubble. Oven cook – From Frozen: Remove all packaging.

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How much are Asda make your own pizza?

Related Articles For example, at Asda’s pizza counter, a ‘ create your own ‘, 10-inch thin and crispy pepperoni pizza costs £2.60. A similar frozen thin and crispy pepperoni from the frozen section costs just 82p.

How many calories are in a 14 inch pepperoni pizza?

There are 298 calories in 1 slice of 14″ Pepperoni Pizza.

How many calories are in a flatbread?

These are relatively low calorie flatbreads, as there are very few ingredients in them and we have used 0 % fat natural yoghurt to make them. These are just 170 calories per flatbread, as no olive oil is used in the ingredients or cooking.

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