How Much Are Pizza Express Pizzas?

How big are Pizza Express pizzas?

This week the company agreed to increase the width of its pizzas by more than 15 per cent, but still denied that they had ever shrunk. PizzaExpress said that customers’ demands for a bigger pizza had forced the company to add 1.5 inches to its pizzas, taking them to 10.5 inches.

How much was Pizza Express sold for?

On 12 July 2014 it was announced that Chinese group Hony Capital had bought PizzaExpress for £900 million. In July 2020, the business was taken over by its bondholders under a debt-for-equity swap with previous owner Hony Capital.

Are Pizza Express doing Leggera?

Have you heard of our leggera pizzas? Your favourite pizza, under 600 calories – from the classic American Hot, to crowd pleasing Padana, your favourites are all* available on our Leggera pizza base – made with a wholemeal dough recipe and filled with a fresh mixed salad.

How do I get a free pizza from Pizza Express?

To claim your freebie, all you’ll have to is download the new PizzaExpress App from March 27 and register. You’ll need to provide details like your name, email address and date of birth. Once registered, you’ll receive a code and you can use it for up to six weeks from the download.

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How many calories is a Pizza Express pizza?

Energy: 417 calories

Protein 18.8g
Carbs 55.8g
Fat 12.4g

Which supermarkets sell Pizza Express?

Where to buy our Cook At Home products?

  • Tesco. Shop the range.
  • Sainsbury’s. Shop the range.
  • Waitrose. Shop the range.
  • Asda. Shop the range.
  • Morrisons. Shop the range.
  • Ocado. Shop the range.

Which pizza expresses are closing?

PIZZA Express is shutting 73 restaurants, in a move that will see it close a fifth of all its UK branches. The following branches are closing:

  • Aberdeen – Belmont St.
  • Aylesbury.
  • Barnstaple – Three Tuns.
  • Biggleswade.
  • Billericay.
  • Birmingham – Corporation St.
  • Birmingham – Mailbox.
  • Bournemouth – Post Office Rd.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at Pizza Express?

Pizza Express menu: 11 of the healthiest things you can order

  • Roasted tomatoes. Pizza Express. Pizza Express ‘ roasted tomatoes contain even less calories than the olive starter – a mere 67 – but because they’re marinated in garlic and oregano, they’re still totally packed with flavour.
  • American Hot Legerra. Pizza Express.
  • Mixed leaf salad. Pizza Express.
  • Risotto Primavera. Pizza Express.

Do Pizza Express do take away?

Collection Menu | Takeaway Pizza | PizzaExpress.

What is a Leggera pizza?

The Leggera Pizza, ladies and gentleman, is a pizza with most of the middle missing. The hole in the middle is filled with salad leaves and a few tomato halves, dressed with the regular Pizza Express dressing (which I have a slight addiction to).

How do you get free dough balls at Pizza Express?

If you’ve recently visited a restaurant then we would love to hear your feedback. You can do this through our feedback survey. Everyone that completes this survey will receive a voucher for free Dough Balls ‘ PizzaExpress ‘ on their next visit, and will be entered into a prize draw to win a £500 PizzaExpress gift card.

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Does Pizza Express do student discount?

Yes, we offer a discount for students who hold a valid UNiDAYS membership or TOTUM powered by NUS card. This is 30% off food and drink on Sunday to Thursday.

Does Pizza Express do NHS discount?

We’re sorry, we no longer offer a discount for NHS employees. However, we do offer a great range of deals for everyone in our offers section.

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