Quick Answer: How Many Calories In A Pizza Express Pizza?

How many calories in a Pepperoni Pizza Pizza Express?

Energy: 591 calories

Protein 29.9g
Carbs 59.8g
Fat 24.6g

How many calories are in a Pizza Express pizza from America?

Energy: 807 calories

Protein 38.7g
Carbs 91.7g
Fat 33.3g

How many calories are in an average pizza?

Pizza Calories

Food Serving Calories
Cheese Pizza 1 slice ( 63 g) 168 cal
Chicken Pizza 1 slice ( 132 g) 309 cal
Deep Dish Pizza 1 slice ( 118 g) 313 cal
Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza 1 slice ( 159 g) 356 cal

What is the healthiest thing to eat at Pizza Express?

Pizza Express menu: 11 of the healthiest things you can order

  • Roasted tomatoes. Pizza Express. Pizza Express ‘ roasted tomatoes contain even less calories than the olive starter – a mere 67 – but because they’re marinated in garlic and oregano, they’re still totally packed with flavour.
  • American Hot Legerra. Pizza Express.
  • Mixed leaf salad. Pizza Express.
  • Risotto Primavera. Pizza Express.
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What is the lowest calorie meal at Pizza Express?

The dough at the centre of our pizza is replaced by a fresh salad. In addition to Leggera pizzas we are now proud to offer a Leggera pasta option: the Leggera Peperonata. It’s a delicious alternative to pizza, and at less than 600 calories gives you even more choice when looking for a healthier option.

How many calories are in a Pizza Express vegan pizza?

The nutritionist then looked at Pizza Express, concluding that the 825 calorie vegan giardiniera classic pizza wasn’t necessarily better than the classic margherita, at 729 calories. We have an exciting announcement! From June 20th, we will have a vegan mozzarella alternative on the menu.

How many calories in a Pizza Express Padana pizza?

Energy: 554 calories

Protein 31.4g
Carbs 64.6g
Fat 16.6g

How many calories should I eat a day?

Though it differs depending on age and activity level, adult males generally require 2,000-3000 calories per day to maintain weight while adult females need around 1,600-2,400 according to the U.S Department of Health. The body does not require many calories to simply survive.

How big is a Pizza Express pizza?

@ pizzaexpress on Twitter: “@TFC2910 Classic is 11 inch, Romana is 14”

What pizza is lowest in calories?

The lowest calorie Domino’s pizza is the chain’s Thin Crust Veggie Pizza. The lowest calorie Domino’s pizza option is their Thin Crust Veggie Pizza with light cheese. Each slice has 135 calories, 250 milligrams of sodium, two grams of sugar, and two grams of saturated fat.

Can you eat pizza while on a diet?

Eating pizza on a diet is possible – if you know the right way to do it. Take for example the New York Chef, Pasquale Cozzolino age 38, who lost over 90 lbs on a pizza diet! Similarly, Richard Meadows ate 222 pizzas in a row and showed results of weight loss and muscle gains.

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Can pizza make you fat?

It won’t even affect your weight. In the short term, your weight will only increase by the actual weight of the pizza, according to Angelone. (Only eating excess calories over time will contribute to fat gains, she adds.)

How many calories are in a pollo salad from Pizza Express?

Energy: 954 calories

Protein 52.8g
Carbs 72.9g
Fat 48.9g

Do Pizza Express still do Leggera?

Have you heard of our leggera pizzas? Your favourite pizza, under 600 calories – from the classic American Hot, to crowd pleasing Padana, your favourites are all* available on our Leggera pizza base – made with a wholemeal dough recipe and filled with a fresh mixed salad.

How many calories are in a grand Chicken Caesar Pizza Express?

Energy: 894 calories

Protein 58.4g
Carbs 68.4g
Fat 42.4g

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